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Study Tour Video | Greece & Turkey

While we couldn’t adequately capture every moment of the 2012 ISM Study Tour, this video provides a glimpse of some of the sights, sounds, and experiences had during our time in Greece and Turkey.  Enjoy!  ISM Study Tour Video from Yale ISM on Vimeo.

Athens | Halandri | Acropolis

Our first stop on the ISM study tour was the ancient city of Athens, the cradle of Western Civilization.  Greeted by warm sunshine and classical ruins of sparkling white stone, we spent our first two days exploring Athens–first, with a trip to St. George’s Parish in […]

Athens | City and Museums

We spent a full morning in Athens on a walking tour of the city, and  explored a variety of museums in small groups–the Archeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, and the Benaki Museum.   ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece […]

Athens | Byzantine Music

We spent an evening at the University of Athens, visiting with members of the Department of Music.  Achilleus Chaldiakis, professor of Byzantine Musicology, delivered a lecture entitled, “Old Wine, New Bottles: Traditional Chant Melodies and New Compositions,” which included a performance of Greek and Byzantine […]

Athens | Kordis Icon Studio

We spent our last afternoon in Athens visiting the studio of artist George Kordis, where he gave a fascinating demonstration of his icon painting process.   We all sat, mesmerized, as he brought figures to life with the expert sweep of a charcoal pencil.  You […]